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Galactic Fidget Drone is The Most Durable Mini Drone On Any Budget.

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Bright multi color LED lights up like a UFO. Easy-to-do party tricks!

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Top reviews from the USA

Charlotte Smith

Houston, Texas, USA-10/12/2020

It’s FUNl to play with

Having a cool toy to play with has seemed impossible to come across as a result of a couple of toys that the boys always get tired of. Having to purchase the galactic fidget drone was the best decision I've made in a long time. It is very cool to play with and they think it's for cool kids. I'm happy they love it so much because it also makes me glad that I bought them and they can have fun with it.

Bradley Johnson

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/11/2020

Flies like a UFO

The galactic fidget drone has an impressive 360-degree rotation that makes it very fun to play with. It's a great toy to play with because it is possible to play without getting tired since it rotates at 360 degrees. Some other drones I've seen usually have an issue with a complete 360 degrees but this galactic fidget drone does it effortlessly. This feature makes it top quality.

Grace Williams

Chicago, Illinois, USA-9/9/2020

It’s surprisingly affordable given it’s premium build

When I saw the price of the galactic fidget drone, I first screamed because I could buy believe something this awesome and amazing would be this affordable. It has removed all my fears of having to waste money because of its affordability. I also love how efficient it is and how the price makes it easy for other people to purchase easily. The best thing is that they're getting the best drone at a very affordable price

Bruce Brown

Los Angeles, California, USA-9/8/2020

I crashed it 5X and it’s still flying with no problems

Durability is the first thing that matters to me when purchasing toys for my children and since I've had quite a share of experiences with a lot of toys, I began to take a keen look at the galactic fidget drone. Its durability is top-notch. It stays intact, regardless, and works very efficiently whenever you want. I don't worry too much when they start playing because I know its worth and durability.

Judy Jones

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-9/7/2020

It charges really fast

IA super cool toy and it charges really fast. What else would you be looking for? I got the galactic fidget drone and each time the battery goes down, we charge it only for it to charge very fast. This is my best feature of the product. I mean, it does other incredible things but the fact that it charges very fast makes them want to use it more, adding to its advantages. It is super brilliant.

Willie Garcia

San Antonio, Texas, USA-9/26/2020

It does insane party tricks!

This has to be the coolest toy ever. Apart from the fact that it has easy flight modes, it also has the ability to perform many tricks. My favorite is the boomerang mode because it flies back to you just like a boomerang. It's funny how just one toy can make a child so happy and full of life. It's more than beautiful and it's a highly recommended toy for all kids.

Gabriel Miller

San Diego, California, USA-9/5/2020

It’s accident-proof

The galactic fidget drone has all the definitions of safety because it is accident-proof which makes it a must-have for all kids. It is collision-resistant which means that it doesn't develop an issue or fault when it collides with anything. This made me very happy to know because my son has become very obsessed with it and I love it!

Alan Davis

Boston, Massachusetts, USA-9/4/2020

It helps with my anxiety

Anxiety is one of the things I've tried to get rid of from my son. He developed it at an early age and I've often sought a lot of ways to make him less anxious before now. It actually got tiring because there wasn't any progress. However, the galactic fidget drone has come to his rescue. It has helped him become more relaxed which has immensely helped with his anxiety. I couldn't have been more proud.

Logan Rodriguez

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA-9/4/2020

It calms me down after a long day

There's just a feeling of calmness and relaxation I notice in my daughter anytime she plays with the galactic fidget drone. At first, I thought it was nothing but after some time, I've seen her become more relaxed and I realized it's as a result of the calming effect that the galactic fidget drone has on her. A completely calm effect that leaves her relaxed and just because of that, I may as well join her next time when she starts playing with it.

Wayne Martinez

Portland, Oregon, USA-10/3/2020

It is good for resting

During our periods of rest, for my wife and the kids, we tried to indulge in a lot of activities that promised to give us the calmness we desired but we were often disappointed. When we received the galactic fidget drone as a gift, I was immediately excited because I wanted to see how it worked and how it could give us the best resting experience. It's super amazing. It hasn't disappointed since we got it We can play as much as we want to without feeling stressed at all.

Amber Hernandez

Denver, Colorado, USA-10/2/2020

It helps children to pay attention

Helping Nathan to pay attention has been a struggle between him and me for a long period. I've noticed how the galactic fidget drone immediately piques his curiosity and makes him pay attention for a long time. This is especially good for him because he will continue with this attitude in other areas like his academics which will later become very productive. I'm very happy the toy helped him.

Rose Lopez

Seattle, Washington, USA-10/1/2020

It is gentle to catch with your hands

If I'm not sure about the safety of something, I'm not letting my daughter play with it. This is why I carefully read the manuals that come with the toys and screen them properly. With the galactic fidget drone, there was no such work, I saw how light it was which made it easy to play with. The most important fact was the gentleness and how easily she caught it in her hands. As soon as I saw this, I knew she was in safe hands.

Vincent Gonzalez

Dallas, Texas, USA-10/10/2020

It has 4 easy flight modes

Can you imagine that the galactic fidget drone has 4 easy flight modes? A whole four. This is like the coolest thing ever. Because I know my son is into toys that possess the ability to fly, I knew getting the galactic fidget drone was a must and I got it for him as a Christmas gift. He feels on top of the world. He adores the four flight modes and that is how I knew about it. It's his favorite toy in the world.

Russell Wilson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA-10/11/2020

It includes a mini USB charger

The galactic fidget drone already comes with a mini USB charger. This beautiful feature makes it easy to charge when you notice the battery is low and need to recharge it. It is very awesome because there is no additional stress with having to charge it since the mini USB charger already makes it easier to charge. I love how it's small and can easily fly over surfaces. It's a great one

Natalie Anderson

Detroit, Michigan, USA-10/12/2020

It is drop-proof

You would think that the galactic fidget drone would come apart once it drops. But no, it doesn't. Far from that. The galactic fidget drone is absolutely drop-proof. During their break when the children play with the toy, I observed how resistant it is to acts like collision and how it doesn't break or anything even when you think it will drop. This is why I'm so in love with it because it's guaranteed a long-lasting experience.

Johnny Thomas

San Francisco, California, USA-10/13/2020

It has unique tricks

Because my son is a lover of drones, I usually don't hesitate to get him any one of his choices. However, when he told me about this one, I knew it was special. It had promised a lot of tricks that I couldn't wait to see. With easy flight modes, the galactic fidget drone has the ability to perform different tricks like dive mode, boomerang mode, and hover mode. Three tricks have added to the love that my son and I have for this toy.

Bobby Taylor

New York, New York, USA-10/14/2020

It's gonna last a long time

Hardly a day goes by that my nephew doesn't play with this toy. Because of this constant playing, I was expecting the toy to develop a fault because most items we buy are usually far from promising in terms of their benefits. The galactic drone is very promising based on a lot of important areas like the strength that influences durability. It has a solid feel and has shown the potentials of lasting long and I'm glad.

Philip Moore

Houston, Texas, USA-10/15/2020

It is very gentle to capture bare handed

When I imagined my daughter playing with a drone, I was scared immediately because her hands are small and I can't usually be around to supervise her during the times that she wants to okay. On several occasions, I've seen how gentle the galactic fidget drone and this makes it very easy to capture. I am no longer worried about her small hands getting hurt because they won't!

Isabella Jackson

Phoenix, Arizona, USA-10/16/2020

It is enjoyable

After spending a long week working and taking care of the family, we usually have a fun weekend playing with the galactic fidget drone. It is so much fun to play and I wasn't even expecting someone like me to fall in love with it because I bought it for my kid but it is so enjoyable to spend time with that we always play with it together and have a nice time in the process. This is why I love the galactic fidget drone. It's exceptional.

Alexis Martin

Chicago, Illinois, USA-10/17/2020

Helps me to recover from anxiety

Anytime you notice anxiety in your life and want them to have a good recovery, then let them engage in the galactic fidget drone. I told my sister about it and she gave it a try. Now, she won't stop thanking me because she has also noticed how it helped with her son's anxiety. It relaxes him and makes him calmer. This is a huge influence on him and his anxiety and I'm more than elated he's getting better.

Sophia Lee

Los Angeles, California, USA-10/18/2020

Reduces stress

Stress is bad and too much of it can cause harm to your body and organs. When you know it's time to de-stress, then you know it's time to play with the galactic fidget drone. Who would have thought that I would be part of the people to also fall in love with it? It's a good stress reducer. It does this by easing your mind that makes you calm enough. This simple remedy has made my son and I feel happier since we discovered it.

Kayla Perez

Jacksonville, Florida, USA-10/19/2020

Contains 4 flight modes for instant tricks

The four flight modes that the galactic fidget drone has are the boomerang mode, the hover mode, dive mode, and glider mode. These flight modes are the ones that make it possible to perform many instant tricks. My son hasn't gotten enough from the glider mode because most of the time, all he does is that he allows the drone to glide over all the surfaces that makes him scream in delight and that look on his face is just everything, to me

Tina Thompson

San Antonio, Texas, USA-10/20/2020

It directs thoughts easily

Do you know how cool the galactic fidget drone is? I mean it deliberately helps you to direct all your spiraling thoughts into the toy and that feeling alone is golden. This is major progress for my daughter, especially in her anxiety episodes. The fact that a single toy can channel all her thoughts that are all over the place into the happiness of the moment is divine. I love how it directs her thought easily which is why I recommend it!

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